The Key Dream

Recently, God reminded me of a dream I had years ago; a very specific dream, wherein I found myself in a room with a box full of keys. One key had the word “Hell” engraved on it. The rest of the keys each had an individual woman’s name on them. 

In my dream, I reached for the hell key, frightened. When I grabbed hold of it, my fingers momentarily froze to it; but then I broke free and began to reach for other keys. As I touched each key, one after the other, I became emboldened. I found myself preaching about spiritual warfare. I proclaimed this truth: “The enemy has bound each of us with lies that hold us back, that keep us from victory in God’s kingdom. The lies are unique and personal to each woman, for he knows which of our buttons to push, how to keep us imprisoned within ourselves. It is imperative that we know the truth, and that we learn how to use it in warfare against the enemy of our souls. We have to know who we are, as God’s covenant daughters. And we have to stand in that understanding, in order to walk in the abundant life, the abundant joy, and the freedom that Christ died to give us.”

Then I woke up.

I feel like God has been grooming me for this my entire life. Of course, He will never be finished. We keep growing and learning, as long as we draw breath. But I feel like His calling for me at this point in my life is to continue to grow into the freedom He died to give me, and to empower other women to do the same.

Empowerment will come through fellowship, through sharing, through encouraging each other, through coming alongside one another in the trenches of life and sharing what we have, so that God can take it and perform miracles in our lives, in others’ lives. If we each bring our two fish, He will do the rest! John 6:1-15 NLT

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